Nursing Jobs in the Insurance Field

Did you know that nurses have roles in the insurance industry? If you’re a nurse, we’re sharing some reasons why you might want to consider working in insurance.

Why You Should Consider a Job in the Insurance Industry

As the healthcare field is inundated with issues and struggles, it’s vital to take time to recognize some of the positives of the field. In nursing, in particular, we can take advantage of the many specialties and pivot our careers to best suit our preferred working style and life.

Nursing has a high burnout rate and high rate of attrition. Nurses leave the field in high numbers. This has been the case for many years and unfortunately, it has only gotten worse.

In this CNN article updated February, 2021, many nurses reported their desire to quit the profession due to feelings of overwhelm and underappreciation during the pandemic. But overwhelm has been a long-standing issue in nursing.

To counter that, we’d like to share that instead of leaving the profession, it may be time to consider one of the many alternative specialties in the field and make a change. That’s just one reason we here at All Health Academy feature various specialties within the healthcare and nursing professions.

We’ve highlighted many nursing specialties and today we’re sharing about nursing jobs in the insurance industry.

Here are reasons to consider a job in the insurance industry:

*Stable hours. Many jobs in the insurance industry offer a set schedule. For many nurses, there comes a point when you need set hours, not varying shifts. Sometimes this is because of family needs or other times just personal preference. Insurance industry jobs often follow a 9-5 schedule, thus giving you the set hours you may be looking for.

*Less physical work. Most jobs in the insurance industry are less strenuous than bedside nursing. If you’re struggling with back issues, for example, this industry may offer welcome relief.

*A change. Sometimes we just a change. Particularly, maybe you need a radical change of specialty. For example, if you’re aching for a major change of work and you’re a Telemetry nurse, switching to Med-Surg may not feel like a big change at all. In fact, if you make this change, may quickly find yourself feeling it’s just the same.

Whereas transitioning to a position in the insurance industry is a big change and may satisfy that need for something that feels starkly different than the day-in and day-out of what you’re used to.

*The insurance industry is growing. You’re rarely ever in the wrong to join an industry that is seeing significant growth, like that of the insurance industry.

What Are Career Options for Nurses in the Insurance Industry?

So, now that we’ve covered many reasons to consider a job in the insurance industry, what specifically can a nurse do in this space?

Here are a few roles for nurses in the insurance industry:

*Managed Care Nurse

*Nurse Care Coordinator

*Insurance Case Manager

*Nurse Assessor

Examples of duties of a nurse working for an insurance company:

A Nurse Case Manager working for an insurance company may have a caseload of specialty clients who they manage. During a typical day, the nurse may need to liaise with:

  • Patients/Clients
  • Patient family members
  • Other RN CMs
  • Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians
  • RNs who handle prior authorizations
  • Home Health Services
  • Medical Equipment Suppliers
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Customer service (for example, at a pharmacy)
  • Medical Directors
  • Facilities
  • Various Unit RN’s
  • Other Healthcare Providers

Of course, in addition to liaising with patients and other providers, Insurance Nurse Case Managers have other tasks to perform such as documentation, assessment, and reporting.

 As you can see nurses working in the insurance industry can have various tasks and roles. There are a multitude of opportunities to explore. If you’re a nurse and you’re thinking of switching specialties, consider the insurance industry. It just may be a good fit for you right now. 

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