8 Business Opportunities for Nurses

8 Business Opportunities for Nurses

Have you ever thought about starting a nursing business? There are more opportunities for nurses than you may realize. You may not have considered entrepreneurship, but starting a business may be an excellent way to initiate a career shift and/or earn extra income.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea. You don’t necessarily have to quit your job and go full-time into business. Some of the ideas we will share today are possible side-hustles, things you try on the side to test the waters.

Often, it’s best for us to see how we like something, see the results and start earning income first before we go full-time into running a  business. There’s also the possibility that you continue working your job, and run your business part-time indefinitely. It all depends on the type of business, your goals, and your commitments.

There are many nursing business opportunities; here are eight to consider: 

  1. Independent Clinical Nurse Consultant

Nursing consultants evaluate both overall health care delivery systems at hospitals and individual patient cases. They also do an assessment of patient care and treatment plan in hospitals and make recommendations.

A clinical nurse consultant typically specializes in either patient care, nurse management or administration. They typically specialize in areas such as pediatrics, oncology or elder care.

Interested? Here are a few relevant resources:

*Become an Independent Nurse Consultant

*Examining the Effectiveness of the Nurse Consultant Role

  1. Group Home Owner/Administrator

Owning a group home can be both challenging and rewarding, like most businesses. If you already have space and the idea appeals to you, start your research. The requirements and stipulations for owning a group home vary, state to state, and, of course, country to country.

Check your state/country online and offline resources to find out how to open a group home, or become a group home administrator.

  1. Nurse Health & Wellness coach

A wellness coach helps individuals to assess their level of health and make a plan toward a healthier lifestyle. With that said, a nurse wellness coach brings their nursing education and experience to the role. This provides an added benefit for clients receiving coaching. Clients also often feel more assured of engaging with a nurse wellness coach because the nurse’s education further validates their knowledge.

There are different types of nurse wellness coaching, for example, nutrition coaching, exercise coaching, and more.

Nurse wellness coaches are not required to be licensed or certified in wellness coaching, but if you’re interested in this field, there are courses and resources that’ll help you step into the role and be of the highest value to your clients.

Interested? Here are a few resources for you to explore:

*American Holistic Nurses Association- Wellness Coaching

*National Society of Health Coaches

*Health Coach Institute

  1. Home Health Provider

Home Health Providers vary from state to state. Typically,  you provide a service in the community that centers around patients in the home health setting. For example, in Florida, you can become an Agency for Persons with Disability APD Provider. Find out more here: https://allhealthacademy.com/blog-post/business-opportunity/

Do research in your state to find out more about this opportunity.

  1. Nurse/healthcare writer

Do you like to write? You can combine your nursing background with your love of writing and become a nurse writer or a freelance writer on the side.

Here are just a few of the many options for nurse writers:

*Writing nursing CEU’s & other Medical Writing

*Health-focused writing for blogs & eBooks

*Ghostwriting books on health topics

Interested? Here are a few resources for you to explore:

*Nurse.com writing guidelines for CEU’s (nurse.com is just one example of the many nursing CEU websites that you may be able to write for. Search and see what’s out there that matches your education level, background, and interests).

  1. Public Speaking Nurse

If you feel called to speak in front of others, and you’re passionate about a health topic or nursing career options, you may want to explore public speaking.

For a little inspiration, here are few nurse speakers featured on Innovative Healthcare Speakers:

*Kristin Baird, RN, BSN, MHA

*Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN

  1. Nurse Life Care Planner

Nurse life care planners help create plans and arrangements for patients in need of long-term/lifelong medical care due to chronic illness or injury. Life planners either work for an organization or are independent.

They play a critical role, as the patients they help are often transitioning post catastrophic injury or progression of a debilitating illness.

Interested? Here are a few resources for you to explore:

*American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners

*Certified Nurse Life Care Planner Board

  1. Nursing Agency Owner

Nursing agencies staff nurses and often other healthcare workers in hospitals, nursing homes, and homes. Each agency varies.

Starting a nursing staffing agency may be an option you would consider. Each state (and country) has rules and regulations around who can open an agency, types of agencies, and what you need to get started. Do your research online -and offline- to find out if this is an option for you.

The best way to find out if any of these business opportunities fit with your skills, income, and interests is to start your research, talk to people, and see what’s out there.

You just may find yourself an exciting opportunity that increases your income and boosts your nursing career.

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