Nursing Jobs in the Insurance Field

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Did you know that nurses have roles in the insurance industry? If you’re a nurse, we’re sharing some reasons why you might want to consider working in insurance. Why You Should Consider a Job in the Insurance Industry As the healthcare field is inundated with issues and struggles, it’s vital to take time to recognize … Read more

How Telemedicine Is Changing Healthcare

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As technology continues to rapidly change our lives, it is important we understand how telemedicine is changing healthcare and how it will shape the future. Telemedicine has started to affect our personal lives in that it impacts how we engage with healthcare providers. It is also affecting the professional lives of healthcare workers, where tasks … Read more

What Is Health Advocacy, and Why Does It Matter?

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In the United States, and other countries of the world, there are gaps in healthcare. There are gaps in the system, where people’s needs are overlooked and unmet. Health advocacy attempts to fill these gaps. It seeks to ensure that all people have access to affordable and effective care. But how does health advocacy work, … Read more

Tips for Virtual Education Success

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It is almost impossible to avoid online education nowadays. Pre and post-pandemic, virtual education has been increasing in popularity. We recently shared an article featuring the advantages and disadvantages of virtual education in healthcare. There are positives and negatives, we know that for sure. We also know that digital education is here to stay in … Read more

Working As a Nurse When You Have a Chronic Illness

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Nursing can be tough work. It is physically and emotionally taxing. But in addition to the usual stressors of nursing work, a surprising amount of nurses are battling their own chronic illness day-to-day. This makes their work even harder. So how do you stay sane, minimize stress, and still do your nursing job when you … Read more

Nurses: How to Handle Difficult Coworkers

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They say nurses eat their young. That is an old cliche that refers to older nurses giving new ones a difficult time. But it is not just older nurses who do this. There are difficult people to work with of every generation, inside and outside the healthcare sector. Toxic people are everywhere, and they bring … Read more

Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence; What You Need to Know

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In 2017, Stanford University published a study describing the successful use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to detect skin cancer against the diagnosis of 21 dermatologists.  This is just one of many examples of Artificial Intelligence impacting the healthcare industry. Many people think AI will radically change healthcare. What may surprise you is it already is. … Read more

Is Online Education Beneficial or Harmful for the Healthcare Industry?

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Online education has become popular. But is it beneficial or harmful for the healthcare industry? This is an important question as the foundation of the healthcare industry’s future sits on how its members are educated. In some cases, virtual training and education are essential. During the pandemic restrictions of 2020, many schools closed and people … Read more

Side Hustle Nursing; What Is It & Is It For You?

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Nursing offers various opportunities for earning extra income. But sometimes, it benefits us, even more, to think outside of the traditional nursing box. If, for example, there are minimal chances for picking up extra shifts in your specialty, you may need to look elsewhere. That’s exactly what side hustling is about. And there are many … Read more

Why Is Nutrition So Confusing (Even For Healthcare Workers)?

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Which foods are best to eat? Which are the worst? What should each person eat regularly? What should people eat when they are not feeling well? The answers to these questions, though seemingly simple, have become controversial. There is much-heated debate around the topic of nutrition. Even amongst nurses and other healthcare professionals, there are … Read more