Nursing Jobs in the Insurance Field

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Did you know that nurses have roles in the insurance industry? If you’re a nurse, we’re sharing some reasons why you might want to consider working in insurance. Why You Should Consider a Job in the Insurance Industry As the healthcare field is inundated with issues and struggles, it’s vital to take time to recognize … Read more

How Telemedicine Is Changing Healthcare

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As technology continues to rapidly change our lives, it is important we understand how telemedicine is changing healthcare and how it will shape the future. Telemedicine has started to affect our personal lives in that it impacts how we engage with healthcare providers. It is also affecting the professional lives of healthcare workers, where tasks … Read more

What Is Health Advocacy, and Why Does It Matter?

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In the United States, and other countries of the world, there are gaps in healthcare. There are gaps in the system, where people’s needs are overlooked and unmet. Health advocacy attempts to fill these gaps. It seeks to ensure that all people have access to affordable and effective care. But how does health advocacy work, … Read more