Company Ownership


All Health Academy (AHA) is owned and operated by Averel Carby, RN.

CONTACT INFO:  Email address – allhealthacademy@gmail.com

Averel Carby is a Registered Nurse who is a leader in home health care for over 20 years.  She is presently an entrepreneur for the past 10 years in the field of nursing.  She is an educator and a consultant through the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD), for group home providers and their staff.

After working as an LPN for four years, Averel Carby attended Broward Community College, Palm Beach State College, and Florida Atlantic University.  She became a Registered Nurse in 2001, while working in the home health care field.  Averel chose nursing after working for many years in administration.

The decision to become a nurse evolved from her natural ability and her desires to extend herself to care for others.  She worked in the areas of Post Anesthesia Care (PACU), and Acute Rehabilitation.  However, she quickly realized that the hospital setting did not allow her to spend quality time with patients.  For her, running in and out of patients’ rooms made it almost impossible to provide the holistic nursing care, which patients deserved.  Averel Carby moved from the hospital setting to become a nurse Care Coordinator, providing coordination of care to pediatric patients with medical challenges in the community.  Most of her interactions with medically challenged pediatric patients and their families were via phone, and sometimes in person. This gave Averel the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many families. She provided access to medical specialists in the community, scheduled a wide range of procedures at various hospitals and diagnostic facilities, and generally coordinated the health care necessary for clients, based upon periodic assessment of needs. However, her love of home health care nursing led her to make the decision to focus all her attention in these areas.

It was no surprise when the thought of becoming an entrepreneur entered her mind that Averel chose home health care.  She knew she had the knowledge, competence, and expertise in the delivery of nursing care to patients in their homes and to be an asset as an educator and a consultant.  As a Provider for the Agency for Persons with Disabilities,  State of Florida, Averel educates APD group home providers and their staff.  She is also a consultant to owners of group homes as an APD documentation compliance specialist.